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The Children Need Us

Beyond Our Borders is a team of compassionate Christians based in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. Our ministry focus is international, and we currently serve disadvantaged children in three countries: Brazil, Ukraine, and Nicaragua. Brazil has the largest number of projects helping the most children, and we have visited there almost every year since 2004.

We began in 2002 with an idea to reach beyond our church, our community, and our country to help children and spread God's word. We seek to serve the daily needs of disadvantaged children by building long term partnerships with Christian leaders in other countries who have exhibited full time commitment to the needs of poor children. Our partners include crèches, private schools, foster homes, and orphanages. We provide financial support to projects that directly benefit the children, such as classroom improvements, learning supplies, kitchen and laundry equipment, and leadership training.

Children in Londrina

Who We Help

Most of the children are between the ages of 2 and 10 years old, but we also support some projects for teenagers. These beautiful children must deal with daily environments that are impoverished beyond our imaginations. Usually living in favelas (slums) or dirty city streets, these children are surrounded by poverty, deteriorating housing, garbage dumps, illegal drugs, prostitution, and violent crime. By supporting local creches (day care centers), orphanages, and faith based outreach programs, we can help these children build the hope and character they need for a better future. Our goal is to help these children eventually escape their environment and become contributing members of society with an everlasting love for Christ.

Our Team

We are Beyond Our Borders, a team of volunteers that exists to help poor children around the world. Our commitment to these children is resolute and ongoing. We enjoy working together as a team to raise money for the children and allocating funds for projects. We enjoy traveling to other countries to meet the children and the leaders that work with them every day. We enjoy performing all of our own administration and establishing partnerships with Christian leaders around the world. Most of all, we love seeing smiles on the children's faces, knowing that we have helped them and improved their lives.

Our Principles

To help us achieve our mission of serving poor children around the world, we have defined a set of guiding principles for Beyond Our Borders that is the foundation for all of our operations.

Collaboration with Overseas Institutions

We establish personal relationships with leaders of organizations helping children in developing countries so that we can leverage their ongoing commitment to the children. Our objective is to empower these in-country leaders and help them to grow the quality and capacity of their services for the children.

Christianity in Action

We believe that everything we do in service for the children should be based on Christian caring to foster the spiritual growth of others.

Long Term Commitments

We seek to establish relationships and projects that will persist and grow through time, supporting more and more children.

Wise Stewardship

All donations will be spent on projects that directly benefit children. We will employ rigorous project management disciplines, teaching our partners when necessary, to ensure efficient use of funds.

Encourage Capacity Building

Our priority is to fund capital projects, such as building improvements, equipment, furniture, and learning materials to improve the infrastructure for helping children for the long term. We will sometimes fund programs and salaried employees to meet specific objectives, but we encourage our partners to become self-sustaining for their operational activities.

Grow U.S. Engagement

We actively seek the participation of other churches and individuals in all of our projects, and we are happy to share our processes and experiences with other volunteer groups. The more people become committed to missions projects, the more children can be helped.

One of the most important parts of our execution is the annual trips to our supported locations. We meet with our partners to discuss existing projects and new projects. We review and inspect how previous investments have been spent. And, of course, we love meeting the children and getting to know them.

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